Z-Bar Table Light

Z-Bar Table Light

The Z-Bar collection broke the mold for desk and floor lamp design and introduced the world to contemporary light styling. The designers tossed away the bulb-and-shade for a flexible, streamlined design that contained LEDs and three simple bars. Add intuitive on/off functionality with a dimming option and the rest, as they say, is history. With several sizes to choose from, there’s a Z-Bar for every need. There are multiple models in the desk and floor lamp styles.


“Best of Category” in I.D. Magazine’s 2006 Annual Design Review
Permanent collection at Die Neue Sammlung, Munich
TIME Magazine’s “Best Inventions Of The Year” 2007

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    Things That Make Z-Bar an Award Winning Lamp

    • Flexibility: Three bar design provides the ultimate flexibility
    • Touch & Go: Turn the lamp on or off or dim the light using one finger on the touchstrip
    • Minimalism: No bulky bulbs – just a slim row of tiny LEDs
    • Powerful: Turn the lamp any direction to illuminate whatever is needed

    The flagship of the Z-Bar collection that broke the mold for lamp/task lights. Designed with a simple three bar design and energy saving LEDs, this lamp led the way into the LED trend. The LED head spins and moves back and forth to allow the user to direct the light anywhere it’s needed… and even dim it if desired.

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