Lady 7 Desk Lamp

Lady 7 Desk Lamp

Comprised of a cordless joint design and sleek, clean lines, Lady7 adds modern elegance to any space. Ultra-efficient LEDs generate little heat and allow Lady7 to operate within safe temperatures. The USB charging port is subtly integrated in the base and all components are housed inside a simple right-angled shape, keeping a clean silhouette that is easy on the eyes.

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    Panel LED light source
    6 watts consumption
    50,000 hours lifespan
    Built-in USB port
    Built-in 5-hour auto-shutoff timer
    Variable light color from 2,700K to 4,000K
    Continuous dimming
    Metallic Black / Silver / Matte Red
    10’ cord
    83 CRIFully recyclable aluminum

    Fully recyclable aluminum
    Water-based paint
    LEDs do not contain mercury
    Low power consumption
    LEED credit eligibility
    38% pre-consumer recycled material by weight


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    21" long arm 12.5 to 20" height 7.9" diameter base



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