In 1979, renowned Norweigan industrial designer Peter Opsvik created the furniture design that is now recognized as one of the 50 furniture designs that changed the world: the Variable balans kneeling chair. The instantly recognizable Variable balans is THE original kneeling chair. Perfect for home or work, the Variable balans chairs promote a sitting position with open body angles, and they keep important core muscles activated. Furthermore, Opsvik’s open design, free of mechanical parts, allows you to easily assume a wide variety of sitting postures. The slight forward tilt of the seat encourages a proper (neutral) posture that reduces unwanted pressure and relieves stress and strain on the low back. The curved runners, shaped precisely as specified by Opsvik, provide support while inviting your body to move – and do so constantly – without you ever having to think about it. While you concentrate on your work, our balans kneeling chairs work to keep you comfortable by preventing you from being stuck in unhealthy, static sitting postures.