Stressless View Office Chair / Recliner

Stressless View Office Chair / Recliner


The comfort of a Stressless recliner in an office chair, let the View Office chair increase your productivity.  The View is fitted with a longer and slimmer back, making it ideal for those of who need some extra length in the back. It also has an adjustable neck cushion which can be moved to fit exactly where you need it.  There’s one significant difference between a good office chair and a perfect office chair; in one that’s just “good” you have to get up and move more, Stressless office chairs will make you enjoy your work. Soft cushioning and sublime support help you focus on the task and work more efficiently. And it doesn’t hurt that the chair blends in perfectly with the rest of the interior either.

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    Proper support while you work, however, relaxing in your office chair is also easy as the headrest automatically adjusts as you recline – supporting your neck while you read, watch TV and rest.  The ‘Plus’ system gives you ergonomically correct lumbar support in all positions.  The ‘glide system’ allows you to adjust the recline of  the recliner by simply using your body weight for effortless comfort.

    Any medium size Stressless is available as an office chair.

    Warranty – 1 year leather, 5 years base & foam, 10 years mechanism

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    32"w x 32"d x 46-49"h



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