Mosso Pro Floor Lamp

Mosso Pro Floor Lamp

Delivering a phenomenal 99 lumens per watt, Mosso Pro changes light colors from warm to cool and anything in between. An intuitive built-in touchstrip allows for effortless continuous dimming. A built-in occupancy sensor ensures no energy is wasted lighting up a vacant desk. With Mosso Pro, anything is possible.

In stock in black & silver.

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    48 LEDs
    5.5 watts consumption
    Ultra high efficiency 99 lumens per watt
    50,000 hours lifespan
    Built-in occupancy sensor
    Variable light color from 2,700K to 5,000K
    Continuous dimming
    Metallic Black / Silver / White
    10’ cord
    90 CRI

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    43.9" high from floor to arm 20.6" total length of arm



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