Freedom Headrest Chair

Freedom Headrest Chair

Human Scale’s Freedom Headrest Chair was described by The New York Times as “the gold standard in office seating”, the chair redefines the concept of traditional task chairs. Designer Niels Diffrient aimed to design an office chair that automatically adapts to the user, allowing them to move freely from posture to posture. He developed a recline mechanism that perfectly adjusts to the user, definitively reinventing modern task seating to be truly simple, functional, and beautiful.

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    Articulation Headrest: The Freedom chair features a dynamic, articulating headrest to support the head and neck as users recline. It moves with the sitter, so they can changes postures without making manual adjustments and stay comfortable in any position.

    Self Adjusting Recline: Freedom eliminates the need for traditional recline mechanisms, which can be bulky and weigh up to 15 pounds. Instead, Freedom uses the sitter’s body weight and the laws of physics to perfectly and automatically adjust recline support for each individual.

    Synchronous Armrests: Freedom’s body-friendly armrests move up and down together, staying with the user during recline for continuous comfort and support. Unlike other chair designs, Freedom’s armrests are attached to the back of the chair to ensure synchronous use.

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    Chair Height: 53" Seat: 26" D, 17.5" W 22.6" H Armrest: 8.8", 9.6" Seat to arm



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