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Customizable Leather Options

Batick is a corrected, grain-embossed, and pigment-improved upholstery leather that has had the majority of its natural marks removed. It may feature a two-tone colour effect meant to liven up its surface as well as a protective layer of lacquer to simplify the cleaning process. In addition, it is resistant to most fading, even though overtime, changes in color are inevitable due to light exposure. Choose Batick for simple cleaning, excellent utilisation properties, and an unbelievable price.

Cori is a corrected, grain-embossed, and pigment-improved upholstery leather with a distinct pebbled grain and more than substantial body. Most of its natural marks have been removed and its tip-shine adds a layer of depth and character to its surface. Some colors also feature a two-tone or tone-on-tone effect. A protective layer of lacquer simplifies cleaning. Choose Cori if you’re looking for a leather with excellent utilisation properties, a robust structure, and a very exclusive look.

Paloma is a slightly corrected leather that features a combination of dyes and pigments to smooth its grain pattern and leather structure. As such, the grain structure of Paloma may vary slightly across the piece of furniture as well as cause minor color nuances to occur. Natural marks, scars, and insect bites remain and will appear, but a thin coat of lacquer gives it some protection and simplifies cleaning. However, Paloma does not include the same heavy-duty quality protection as that of Batwick and Cori. Nevertheless, Paloma is still a very popular choice due to its soft , natural, and comfortable expression.

Noblesse is the most exclusive quality leather available from Stressless. It features a full grain semi-aniline that has been dyed all the way through and includes only a thin protective topcoat. As such, the leather is able to retain both the natural softness and luxurious lustre that characterizes it as first-class leather. A natural material such as Noblesse retains its original grain and structure, however minor color nuances and skin blemishes may also occur, leading to slight variations at different pieces of the furniture. Although its topcoat does provide some level of protection, Noblesse is the most delicate of all Ekornes leathers and as such, absorbs moisture easily and is more prone to wear and tear, heat, sunlight, spills, and perspiration. To keep up its attractive appearance, regular maintenance is recommended.

Pioneer is a luxurious, full-grain aniline, pull-up leather whose exclusive and delicate quality retains the full original grain of the leather. Treated with oils, waxes, and transparent dyes to enhance the soft touch and natural appeal of the leather, Pioneer offers deep, vibrant colors and a beautiful luster. In addition, the full-bodied leather sensation and natural transparent look gains patina and becomes even more beautiful with age. You will find that an exclusive leather such as Pioneer will also feature color nuances, differences in structure, marks, and skin blemishes, but its delicate finish gives it an exceptionally comfortable and striking look. Pioneer absorbs moisture easily and is vulnerable to heat, sunlight, spills, and perspiration, but its finish does offer some light protection. We recommend taking regular care and precautions to upkeep its luxurious and elegant appearance.

Why Ekornes Stressless Line

Since 1971, providing unmatched comfort has remained the sole purpose of the entire Ekornes Stressless line. In fact, it is their goal to introduce the world’s most comfortable seating experience to a wider and wider audience.

It is for this reason that we can assure you that you will not find a more comfortable sofa anywhere in the world than the Ekornes Stressless sofa. You will not find a chair built so perfectly to fit that standard either, nor a recliner that so exactly fits your specifications for comfort and relaxation. The genius of this product line is its ability to maintain every single aspect of comfort without sacrificing other areas of furniture construction such as support, style, and overall fit. Each section of the Ekornes Stressless sofa is in and of itself essentially a Stressless chair, which allows them to move independent of one another, recline elegantly and easily, and become adjusted to your exact needs. In fact, because each sofa is so adaptable, you can invite three different people to sit on the same sofa in different positions and each one will tell you that they have never been more comfortable or relaxed before. The Glide system allows for intuitive leaning and reclining, and since the chair moves with you, you merely have to shift your wisht in order to achieve a different angle of recline. There are no obtrusive knobs, nothing sticking out, and nothing to mar the look of your sofa from any angle. Instead, a contained, smart, effective couch that makes your space and your comfort levels seem perfectly balanced, practically floating on air.

Aside from physical comfort, these chairs provide the personal satisfaction of personalized customization, as each sofa is not a finished product until you purchase it, decide what you want, and make the necessary adjustments to create your most ideal comfort experience. The Ekornes Stressless Sofa is perfect for you and yours because Ekornes has made sure that you are its main designer. As the owner of your very own Ekornes Stressless Sofa, you have the power to control every minute adjustment and detail, ensuring that you will experience ultimate leisure with the world’s most ultimate sofa.

Without great support, you can’t have great comfort. It is for this reason that Ekornes has remained on the front line of ergonomic research, ensuring that each guest does not only sit comfortably, but healthily on each and every Stressless sofa. Ekornes believes that with the right focus and understanding around ergonomic templates, furniture makers have the power to improve the health of thousands of users worldwide by taking the pressure off of their backs and shoulders, easing the circulation-cutting pressure of hard-edged seat pans, and appropriately shaping seats and backrests. Derived from the Greek word for “natural law,” ergonomics has led the way in a series of furniture breakthroughs and the Ekornes Stressless Sofa is only one the most recent and accomplished. The Ekornes Stressless sofa is the product of long hours of precision engineering, testing, planning, and designing, so much so that you can sit in nearly any position and still achieve complete comfort, support, adjustment, and recline.

In fact, the Stressless Sofa is so special that it provides specific lumbar support options, an often overlooked but completely essential area of your back that needs constant and effective support. The Ekornes Stressless Sofa is one of the only sofas in the world that caters to your lumbar region with something called the Plus system. The Plus system includes two important aspects: the automatic headrest and the automatic lumbar support. When you recline into the Ekornes Stressless Sofa, your headrest automatically comes forward, keeping your vision intact so that you can comfortably read, sleep, or watch television. At the same time, this also keeps your lumbar in good shape, because whenever you lean forward or backward in the chair, the Plus system either fills the small of your back by allowing the chair to rise and meet it, or bends so that your lumbar region incurs no undue stress or pressure.

The style of the Stressless Sofa begins with the materials. Adorned with fine leather and wooden accents, the Stressless Sofa’s design not only contributes to the comfort and engineering of the chair, but is also completely customizable. At 2Danes, you can customize your materials so that they look exactly the way you want them to, express what you want to express in your home, and perfectly match your Stressless Sofa to your existing pieces. Of course, there isn’t just one type of sofa to choose from either. The Ekornes Stressless Sofa comes in many shapes, sizes, and individual styles that are sure to suit your individual tastes. Do you need a loveseat? A large couch? A red couch? Blue? Whatever it is you’re looking for, our Ekornes Stressless Sofa collection has you covered. At 2Danes, we believe in making the customer the primary designer by giving them a large say in the way the product will eventually turn out and live on in their home. After all, if you’re going to own it, you should also own a part of its look, style, and design.

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