Stressless Reno Classic Recliner & Ottoman

Stressless Reno Classic Recliner & Ottoman


The Stressless Reno Classic features extra pillowing and a height adjustable headrest, which adjusts up to 4″, for those needing some extra height.  Stressless recliners are all on a swivel base allowing you to effortlessly watch television or turn to face another person in one easy movement.

The Reno Classic is available in 3 sizes, small, medium and large as well as 5 leather grades, over 60 colors, and 8 base stain options.  The medium size can also be had as an office chair complete with adjustable height and casters.

Stocked in Paloma black, silver grey, chocolate, sand, and vanilla and all base stain options are available for delivery in 5-6 weeks.

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    The headrest automatically adjusts as you recline – supporting your neck while you read, watch TV and rest.  You can also engage the ‘sleep’ mechanism to lie almost fully flat.  The ‘Plus’ system gives you ergonomically correct lumbar support in all positions.  The ‘glide system’ allows you to adjust the recline of  the recliner by simply using your body weight for effortless comfort.  The ottoman adjusts its angle to give you proper support based on your movement.

    Optional elevator ring can be added to the base of the recliner to add 1.25″ to the seat height.  For those with very long legs, two rings can be stacked together.  Elevator ring is available for both the recliner and ottoman and can be added later if the need arises after purchase.

    Warranty – 1 year leather, 5 years base & foam, 10 years mechanism

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    Small – 30"w x 30"d x 39-43"h
    Medium – 31"w x 30"d x 39-43"h
    Large – 35"w x 31"d x 39-43"h
    Ottoman – 22"w x 16"d x 16"g



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