Poldina Pro Micro Cordless Lamp

Poldina Pro Micro Cordless Lamp

Light is emotional and poetic. Why not take it with you to every room, setting, and context so you’re never without it?

Enhance the atmosphere throughout your home with the Poldina PRO Micro Rechargeable LED Table Lamp from Zafferano America. Made of smooth metal, this piece is lightweight and portable. Along with the sturdy, square base and IP54 protection for indoor or outdoor placement, this piece lights the way wherever it is placed, providing a full and inviting glow. The conical shade contains an integrated LED and a rechargeable battery, ensuring a clean display along with a tasteful layer of light.

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      • Includes contact charging base
      • Rechargeable and replaceable lithium-Ion battery pack lasts approximately 400 charging cycles. Order replacement battery packs from Zafferano America.
      • Battery lasts about 4-6 hours at full power
      • Charging time is 3-4 hours
      • Suitable for outdoor use (powder-coated finishes only)
      • Plug not included
      • Polycarbonate diffuser
      • Full-range touch dimming

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    2.8" x 10.8"h

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