H09 Excellence

H09 Excellence

It’s more than a chair, it’s a philosophy. A chair is not just a chair. It’s an extension of your body and mind. Whatever you sit in projects an image of yourself and at the same time, allows you to move more freely. It should fit your body in all situations and follow its natural movements. HÅG H09 gives you a feeling of private space; creating a screened atmosphere to utterly stimulate your concentration and creativity.

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    Elmo Soft leather with Tex Stable outerback
    Balanced Movement Mechanism
    Adjustments: Seat height, seat depth, lumbar support, forward and backward tilt resistance
    Tilt lockable in three positions
    150mm pneumatic lift
    Optional multi-adjustable arms (tilt-down, height, width)
    Country of origin: Norway

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    26.375"w x 26"d x 40-46"h



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