Active Office Chair

Active Office Chair

This office chair is guaranteed to change the way you approach task seating, it keeps you active through the spring-integrated pneumatic lift. While most office chairs only move up and down, with some featuring forward or backward tilt, Active employs lateral movement to engage your core and keep your body active..

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    Activated: Because the chair follows the movements of its sitter, so your back keeps straight. In addition, frequent change of posture strengthens your back and keeps your muscles fit.


    Motivated: The patented technology allows for a unique moveable joint in the base and spring strut which supports and encourages movement. This stimulates your circulation, strengthens core muscles, enhances concentration and is just fun!


    Relaxed: The backrest has a physiologically shaped cushioning which provides support without restricting freedom of movement. The lumbar support and backrest tension can be individually adjusted.


    Unrestricted: The intelligent seat is slightly convex and upholstered with breathable multi-zone integral foam. Fro a healthy seat climate and optimum sitting comfort without pressure points.



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    Seat width — 18.1” Seat depth — 18.1” Back width —17” Back height — 16.9” Seat height range (Standard Spring) — 16.5” – 22” Overall chair height — 43.3” (includes backrest) Base diameter — 29.5” Chair weight — 44lbs Chair weight capacity — 290lbs



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